Municipal Sales is a root and grease control company.

Established in 1990, Municipal Sales is an industry leader in the sewer root control business. Municipal Sales provides exemplary service to municipalities throughout the United States.

WhAt IS root Control?

A tree root can enter a sewer pipe through an opening less than the width of a human hair.
Once in the pipe, roots have everything they need to flourish. As these roots grow, they collect grease. Tree roots cause a LARGE percentage of pipe blockages which lead to Sewer Sanitary Overflows (SSOs). SSOs can cause pollution and can be a health risk. How to handle root control and pipe blockages? More...


Municipal Sales has over eleven years in root control business and over seven-million feet in application experience.
Municipal Sales uses state of the art application methods and equipment and only state licensed chemical root control applicators across the United States. Our applicators receive continuous training and certification and have the experience to solve sewer blockage and root control problems that may arise. More...


Chemical root control and a chemical root control program have many advantage over other root control options.
Chemical Root Control products used today are contact root herbicides, meaning contact must be made with the roots in order to be effective. Chemical root control can save money, prevent future growth, prevent damage to the pipes (which can lead to most costs) and offer predictable results. More...


Mechanical root control may be necessary if root intrusion is heavy, dense and may cause a stoppage soon.
Mechanical removal has many drawbacks though. Roots respond to injury by producing the plant hormone abscisic acid which hastens and thickens regrowth. Mechanical removal of tree roots will get more and more costly over time as frequency increases. More...


Municipal Sales, Inc. helps municipalities meet its CMOM regulations.
Federal requirements for Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) place a greater emphasis on eliminating SSOsby requiring regular preventive maintenance programs which includes chemical root control and sewer flushing which Municipal Sales, Inc. accomplishes at the same time at no additional costs. More...


Municipal Sales has teams strategically located throughout the United States.
Municipal Sales has served towns, cities and communities across the United States. More...