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Chemical vs. Mechanical

Years of scientific research and more than a hundred million feet of experience prove that VapoRooter's Chemical Root Control is the most cost effective way to rid your system of root and keep them from coming back for years.

Municipal Sales' Chemical Root Control contains a fast acting herbicide that kills roots on contact and a second long-lasting herbicide that fills joints and cracks to prevent roots from blocking pipes for years.


Old fashioned mechanical root cutting might seem like the simplest solution. Unfortunately, cut roots grow back fast and thicker, requiring more and more frequent cutting to avoide blockages and costly overflows. Chemical Root Control like Municipal Sales' foaming herbicide kills roots chemically and controls growth for years, saving costly labor expenses.



  • Budget and labor efficient
  • No manned entry required
  • No damage to pipes
  • No pipe repair costs
  • Root regrowth controlled
  • 3 year schedule programs
  • Flushes pipes
  • Treats cracks and lateral pipes
  • Predictable results



  • Costly and timely process
  • Manned entry required
  • Pipe damage is common
  • Pipe repair costs
  • Roots regrow quicker and thicker
  • Cutting becomes more frequent
  • Does not flush pipes
  • Must treat cracks and lateral pipes
  • Unpredictable results