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Chemical Root Control

chem-img1Chemical Root Control products used today are contact root herbicides, meaning contact must be made with the roots in order to be effective.

Municipal Sales uses a specialty in house designed root control application system that actually removes the debris from the roots prior to the application of its product. The real secret is a specially designed sewer nozzle that allows the hose to be inserted in a line while flushing the debris from the roots and on the return trip the herbicide is released with foam filling the pipe.

Why use foam filling? That’s simple, roots grow from 9:00am to 3:00 pm in a pipe so by foam filling the pipe this insures complete contact with the roots. This foam filling process also penetrates crack and joints as well as incoming laterals to completely penetrate all sewer surfaces.



Take just a few moment to watch our video.

See the Municipal Sales house designed chemical root control application system in progress.



Municipal Sales Applicator Truck:
  • Allows operator to reach as far as length of hose on jet truck
  • No manned entry required
  • Ensures entire pipe is treated
  • Up to 1,000' manhole reaches from single entry point



Two Way Jet Set Nozzle:
  • Washes roots first to allow contact with product
  • Added service to customer of flushing pipes
  • Can be configured to both fill smaller pipe and coat larger pipe
  • Releases foaming herbicide upon retrieval



Advantages of Chemical Root Control:
  • Completely coats roots
  • Penetrates joints and laterals
  • Lower cost to other options
  • Prevents future growth of roots
  • Prevents future damage of pipes
  • Predictable results
  • Follow-up inspection
  • Future dig-ups are prevented