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Township of Woodbridge , New Jersey

"Good Afternoon Mark:

While I was away on vacation for the better part of the execution phase of this contract, my field staff have given your crew a very positive rating. They were very pleased with the quality of the work and the pace at which it was completed. Speaking for my entire Division, we look forward to receiving a bid from your firm next year when we bid our next contract.

Thanks, Scott"


City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"On behalf of myself and the City of Winston Salem I would like to recommend Municipal Sales, Inc of Queensbury, NY for their efforts in providing chemical root control services for our ’07-’08 Service Contract.

Their staff was highly trained and very respectful to the City and our residents. Their application method and equipment was state of the art.

Their product did not interfere with any of our Wastewater Treatment Plants and there was no interruption of services.

Municipal Sales finished 100% of our project including our difficult outfall lines. The contract that they were awarded last year was a 4-year renewable contract. We intend on renewing that contract this year and, hopefully, all four years.

We would gladly award future work to Municipal Sales, Inc."

David P. Johnston, PE
Collection System Engineer
City/County Utilities