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Vaporooter is the most effective way to eliminate your root problems. Its scientific formula is guaranteed to destroy roots on contact and control regrowth for years. The application is simple, fast and inexpensive, most importantly - it works!

Years of scientific research and more than a hundred million feet of experience prove Vaporooter's two-part formula is the most cost effective way to rid your system of roots and keep them from coming back for years.

Vaporooter contains a fast acting herbicide that kills roots on contact and a second long-lasting herbicide that fills joints and cracks to prevent roots from blocking pipes for years.

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vapo2thFoaming with Vaporooter saves costly labor expenses because, typically, a two-man crew can easily treat 3-4 times mroe than they cut per day.


vapo1thMini Foamer destroys roots in your sewer line and prevents their rapid regrowth. Vaporooter is applied by mixing one quart of liquid product with 5 gallons of water. The solution is then aerated to create a thick foam.