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Grease Release is a general degreasing agent that penetrates grease and breaks it down into small particles that will not re-solidify. This enhances your preventative maintenance program.

Grease Release does not contain any phosphates or hydro carbons like many other degreasing agents. It contains a unique blend of surfactants which are biodegradeable, non-caustic, and non-corrosive.

Using any jetter, scientifically formulated Grease Release blasts out grease all the way down to and into the pores where it clings. Grease Release then coats the pipe surfaces with a grease-repelling barrier that slows future build-ups and makes future cleaning easier and less frequent.

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greaseblockGrease Release significantly reduces your cleaning cost per foot because jetting with water alone takes much longer, uses more water, fuel and valuable crew time. In addition, Grease Release dramatically reduces the number of times that line needs to be revisited eash year.


greaserelThe Grease Release metering system is engineered to deliver the exact concentration on demand, eliminating the expense of under-applications and over-applications.