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How to Control Roots in your Sewer

root-img1Trees, especially older ones can be trouble for your nearby drainage systems over the long term. Leaves can clog gutters, while tree roots can reach deep into underground pipes, compromising the effectiveness of your sewer line.

To help control tree roots in your sewer line:

Have a plumber run a video down the line with a sewer inspection camera

If you notice water backing up in your basement or rooms, a tree in your yard or down the street might be to blame. Tree roots can block your pipes with hair-like masses that cause clogs and put the sewer line under pressure.

A professional plumber can take a closer look by inserting a video camera into the line and professionally inspecting it. After a professional inspection is completed, the risk of damage can be assessed.

Use a root-killing solution

A few times a year, specially formulated root killer solutions can be flushed down your drainage system to kill roots inside the pipes, without ever harming your trees.

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